Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Tae Kwon Do Tournament November 14th 2009

Katie and Snowden got a gold medal for their participation in their first Tae Kwon Do Tournament.

November Flood 2009

Katie and Snowden woke us up saying, "there's a flood in our yard!" And they were right. Four days and nights later we are finally going home to deal with the mess. Someone is coming to get our water system and hot water heater fixed. And only one corner of the living room got wet inside- we got lucky! But the garage is a big flooded mess.

Showing what they do at school- 2009

Katie and Snowden showed us the work they do at school on a visitation night.

Halloween 2009

Harry Potter and Hermione, of course. (Harry Potter was a little pissed at all the picture taking.)

And even more birthday fun on the weekend...

Then, of course, we finished the birthday celebration with a Hannah Montanna family party (and a playdate with two of Katie's school friends Riley and Brandon.)

More Birthday Fun with Carly and Nick

Later that day... Katie's birthday got even better when we met up with Carly and Nick at Macarthur Center. After lunch and the Build a Bear workshop (where everybody got an animal) we went shopping and Carly and Katie got the same cute outfit. It was a great day for Katie to hang out with her favorite friend.