Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snowden Learns to Read

Snowden surprised me early this month with his ability to READ! I had no idea- one day he just read one of Katie's flashcards to me. The first official word: CAN. (I love that "Can" was his first word. Of course I am assuming he was thinking of the verb form not the noun.) Since then he has been reading everything in sight. Last night (12/21/09) he read 5 of the first "Hooked on Phonics" books.

The Nutcracker

Matching outfits from Katie's birthday celebration- how cute they were. We had a really special night out with Carly and Jennifer when they invited us to the Nutcracker at Chrysler Hall. The girls took lots of pictures of each other and us, did a great job staying focused during the performance, and then dissolved into crazy silliness as we got ice cream later on. The perfect evening!

Decorating the tree

School Club Roundup Winners

This is my AM class and PM class receiving their certificates from Mr. Siff from the k4amg club for their participation in the October international Ham Radio event "School Club Roundup." They made contacts with almost all the United States and several foreign countries that week. How cool is that to talk to Ukraine, England, Italy, France and Switzerland all in a week?

In a Dark Dark Room...

Katie and Snowden LOVED this scary book from the library. She read it to him twice one day.

First Bloody Nose

Here is proof of Snowden's first bloody nose (see the blood splatters on his Tae Kwon Do jacket.) It happened at the Tae Kwon do class- but it wasn't during an intense sparing match (as I'm sure the story will be told as he gets older) It happened when his friend tripped him going into the room.

Playing in November Leaves

Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Tae Kwon Do Tournament November 14th 2009

Katie and Snowden got a gold medal for their participation in their first Tae Kwon Do Tournament.

November Flood 2009

Katie and Snowden woke us up saying, "there's a flood in our yard!" And they were right. Four days and nights later we are finally going home to deal with the mess. Someone is coming to get our water system and hot water heater fixed. And only one corner of the living room got wet inside- we got lucky! But the garage is a big flooded mess.

Showing what they do at school- 2009

Katie and Snowden showed us the work they do at school on a visitation night.