Monday, October 19, 2009

Duck Race 2009

We watched the Duck Race from the Bridge as usual, but the excitment this year was the breakaway ducks.

The bouncy thing was a blast until someone unplugged it and it collapsed on the kids and I had to dive in and rescue Snowden (who was stuck inside on the other side of the collapse.) See this happy picture then see the even funnier video of the collapse below.

Uncle Billy's Chopper

Uncle Billy drove his chopper over for a visit!

First Day of School September 2009

Katie is proud of her work on the hundred board!

Miss Donna shows Snowdy his hook on his first day at the new school location.

Katie's first day of Kindergarden!

Last leg of 2009 vacation

After the Arch we stopped at Marengo Cave in Indiana and were thrilled with the place. We took the tour and also practiced mining for gold using a bag of fake gems in dirt we bought from them. It was awesome. Then we stopped at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville, KY. We took the tour and got a free souvenir bat.

The Arch August 2009

Ususally the drive home from a vacation is a bummer but we managed to make it FUN. We started the way home with a trip to the Arch in Saint Louis. At first the kids had some apprehension about the elevator in the Arch (see picture) but they enjoyed the top and the view.

Illinois State Fair 2009

Jacksonville is always on our Illinois schedule too! We visited Grandpa Snowden and Pat and even went to the State Fair in Springfield with Grandpa Snowden! A highlight was the Giant Slide from Mommy's past. Mommy, Katie and Snowdy went on that one together- it's still big. We saw pigs and much more at the Fair.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Industry Illinois August 2009

Industry is always the highlight of any vacation we take. Where else can you slip and slide with cousins, climb a jungle gym with your dad and draw on your face to act like Harry Potter?

Chicago in a nutshell...

Chicago in a nutshell... Day 1: Sears Tower (stood in the glass box hanging on the side of it) Field Museum (saw "SUE"- the biggest dinosaur found in US) Chicago Architecture River Boat tour, American Girl Store (that was a Katie and Mommy only adventure. Money was spent. A Molly doll came home with us.) Day 2: Wrigley Field Tour, dinner at Harry Carey's, Cubs game where the Philly's beat them badly, taxi ride home where the kids fell asleep. Day 3: Museum of Science and Industry where we saw the Harry Potter exhibit (again, money was spent. Wands, glasses, golden snitches, chocolate frogs, etc.) Then the drive to Industry. Chicago was the best vacation any of us had ever had.