Friday, May 22, 2009

Tide's Game

I got 20 tickets to the Tides game at Harbor Park from my friend Al at the Wave. Gary distributed them to our friends and family and there we all were at the game last night! Our whole block was represented with us, Neil, and Doug who works next door (and his family.) Billy Land came, so did Billy and Jill and Richard and Tina (which made Katie extremely happy.)
It was great. I had so much fun introducing Snowden to his first baseball game. Then I was introduced to the "Fried Twinkie" when Jill bought me one. We had to leave when it got to be 10:00 and the 12th inning started!

Field Trip

I took the day off Tuesday and went with Katie Jane and Snowden on their school field trip to Northwest River Park. I walked and rode with Snowden and his class because Katie wanted to hang with her BFF Riley. Snowden asked Ranger Carl lots of good questions on our walk through the woods, prompting the Ranger to ask, "Is he your son? He's smart!" Which prompted me to like Ranger Carl even more. The rangers and teachers warned us all to look for ticks and sure enough I found one on the front of Katie's ankle later that day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

I haven't quite recovered from the weekend yet. It started Friday, I worked at school then worked at the Wave and then went and chaperoned Spencer's youth group at church for their 30 hour famine until 5 am. Then we had a fun day with Grandpa Ric at the children's museum in Portsmouth. We bought a membership to all the museums around here (Grandpa Ric's Christmas gift to us) Children's, Nauticus, NASA Air and Space and the Living Museum in Newport News- I can't wait to use it this year! Later we all went out to dinner at NANA's and Spencer enjoyed eating the first meal after his fast. Sunday morning Spencer sang in the church choir for the first time (see the video of his first song, he's at the top left) and Snowden waved at him the entire time, trying to get him to wave back. Later that afternoon Katie and I were sitting on the couch when I gasped and said, "Oh NO!" I realized we were supposed to be at her Daisy "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" at the Girl Scout headquarters. We made it there with plenty of time to party.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

And the results are...

Results: The Tooth Fairy came and now you can call me "General!" Katie woke me up at 2:15 am to tell me the tooth fairy had visited her room. Mommy got up and we looked at the treasure in the living room on the couch. The Fairy left two gold dollar coins in Katie's cool tooth tin. Katie brought that tin and the book it came with to show and tell friday at her school. Then Thursday I took my FCC General class test and passed it! (I only missed two questions!) Here's a picture of Paul Buckwalter (President, Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service) grading my test. After looking at it for a minute he asked Jim Hardee if he was given the right key... because there were too many right answers. (Oh that Paul, he's a funny guy.) There I am with Jim Hardee, Richard Siff and Paul Buckwalter. What a relief!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big day! After school today Katie and I went to see her dentist Dr. Smith to find out about her two loose front bottom teeth. We left there about 45 minutes later with two teeth in a box! We headed straight to the radio station after that where Katie regaled Hampton Roads with her version of the trip..."They yanked my tooth out." (Teeth, actually.) Then we came home and Katie showed everyone her new smile and teeth in the box (Daddy, Snowden, Neil and Carol.) She had fun. Luckily, just last night we read a book Mommy bought about a girl losing her first tooth. And the book came with a cute pink tin to put your tooth in for the tooth fairy to find. (YEA MOMMY! How about THAT timing, huh? Now if the tooth fairy can just remember to visit before falling asleep.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

What a nice day- church, lunch, Barnes and Noble, park, home. Katie brought me a nice cup of rocks and worms this morning, Gary gave me a gorgeous card, Snowden made me a beautiful necklace in Sunday school and they both gave me pretty pins they made in school. Mother's day was a success. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Snowden's 4th birthday doctor appointment

Snowdy's fourth birthday appointment with Dr. Williams went great. (Until the 4 shots.)

Katie reads to Snowden

Katie read a book to her little brother last night in Mommy's bed. It was a rare loving brother/sister moment. Wrestling ensued shortly thereafter.

Skills USA State Radio Winners

Yesterday a reporter from the Virginian Pilot visited my morning class to interview Mike and Tanner about their 1st place finish in the state SkillsUSA radio competition. The piece should be in the Clipper Sunday, May 17th.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Best Day Ever

I had the best day ever! Ironically, my day started with one of my favorite Sponge Bob shows where he has the best day ever! (And I told Snowdy, "Oh! This is one of my favorites!")

It started when Richard Siff came to the class carrying two ham radios that his radio club is donating to the students who passed the FCC test and got their FCC Technician Class License. It was so heartwarming to see Maurice set up his own radio and make his first contact on air. Shaquita also spoke on the air. I was so proud of them and glad that we studied ham radio as long as we did in class this year. And it was awesome to be around Richard- what a nice thing he is doing for these kids. Everyone in the Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service has been so kind and has gone above and beyond the call of duty for us in the radio class.

Then later I got a call from a reporter at the Pilot who wants to do a piece on Mike and Tanner, my two students who won the state radio contest this year and are going (with me) to Kansas City at the end of June to participate in the national Skills USA radio contest.

What is going on here? I have never had quite such an obvious validation of the work I do teaching kids about radio every day. It was nice.

Then after school I went to the radio station and recorded tonight's show. I gave a shout out to Richard and the guys at "CARS." I also started the night on air by mentioning that I had just planted flowers with Katie's Daisy troop but forgot to tell them to listen!

That was so fun too. Katie's awesome troop (Daisy troop 4702) met at our church to plant flowers and get their badge for planting things. (The badge is probably called something better than that.)

Second Stripe

Thursday the 30th of April both the kids got a second stripe on their Tae Kwon Do belts! We have no idea why, but it was exciting. The first one was for their successful recitation of the Tiger Cub Promise: Tae Kwon Do is for protecting myself. I will not use it if I am mad or sad. Only if someone tries to hurt me. THIS IS MY KWI TON DO PROMISE! (Snowdy yells that last line.) And, as you can see, he is slightly challenged when it comes to saying "Tae Kwon Do."

Snowdy Turns 4

Snowdy turned four May 2nd. My baby boy is 4. We started the celebration the day before at his school. He had a wonderful time being the center of attention at his birthday circle (where he dropped the earth briefly on top of the candle. Miss Avign saved the world.) Then later we went to the radio station where he talked on the radio and accepted the happy birthday wishes of friends and family and 92(9) the Wave listeners who heard him on the air. He only broke one thing this year in the studio! Mommy said, "Don't worry!" and fixed it right away. Then the next morning (his birthday) we got soccer pictures taken at 8am, played a soccer game at 8:45am, and provided the snacks for the team. Snowdy had a couple of quick moments of bravado where he showed his muscles, and a few plays where he mustered all his energy to run run run, but mostly he wanted to sit with Mommy. Then we rested for a couple of hours until the big party at Birdees where all his friends came to play. He spent a lot of his time with Max, his buddy from Kids First last year. I managed to get all of them to stand for about 20 seconds in one place to have their picture taken and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. :) Later at home we opened his presents, Spencer put many of them together and we all played.