Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 15th Camping at Northwest River Park

We rented a cabin at Northwest River Park for 2 nights and got right down to the fun by playing Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Of course we brought a tent to go in our cabin.
There was a conspicuous absence of TV. Even on Gary's phone (and he really TRIED.)

Somebody had to be convinced that reading scary books would be fun. And then it was!

We went boating. Daddy used a canoe and Mommy used a paddle boat! It was really fun.

We cooked out and then ate in.

The last night we ate popcorn and the kid told me stories.

July 10th Snowdy at the dentist

Snowdy's first visit to the dentist went great! (Well, his first visit where he would open his mouth.) He did the whole shabang this time and went home with a cool bouncy ball and toothbrush, of course.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dollar store marbles

You can't beat a bag of marbles from the dollar store for an afternoon of fun on the porch.

4th of July

We went to the YMCA late on the 4th of July. Katie and Snowden had the kiddy pool all to themselves and had a blast.


Daddy got a Wii for Father's Day (here he is showing Katie how to box) and Mommy got this nice cake and a video camera for her 46th.


It's kind of fun to dress up like Dorothy sometimes in July.

Kansas City here we come...

I went to Kansas City for a week at the end of June with my students Mike and Tanner (and Tanner's Dad Curt) for the National Skills USA competition. They did a very professional job and came in 7th out of 17 competitors. Mike's Dad even drove down from Wisconsin! We visited the Jazz Museum (where they performed their contest, getting interviews and gathering natural sound) and the awesome WWI museum which is where I took this picture. It just opened in 2006 and is the best of it's kind in the world. I was lucky enough to fall into a tour guided by the museum's former President Carl DiCapo. He is now in charge of procuring items for the museum like the WWI tank and the only surviving Harley Davidson motorcycle from the war.

Summer Fun

Today they presented a study showing that coffee consumption may halt alzheimers. Life is good.
But I am so behind on posting our news. So here is a very abbreviated version of the last couple of months for the Barnett/Snowden's:
Smithsonian Natural History Museum!!