Sunday, August 9, 2009

Big August Vacation 2009

Day one, third movie.

Charleston, WV

Louisville, KY

Two days down in our big August vacation! Day one was full of driving and one accidental detour. Poor Gary- his Bertha let him down (what we named our GPS lady.) But the mistake in roads did take us to the very cool "Pink Cadillac Diner" near Natural Bridge in Virginia. Katie and Snowden ran from King Kong there and we all ate well.

Then we called it a day in Charleston WV where Snowden took over the bed in the middle of the night like he ALWAYS does when he gets in bed with me, and I, triumphantly, in the middle of the night- got this picture as proof.

Everyone then woke up to breakfast in bed served by Mommy, and we were off to Louisville KY! We went to the Muhammed Ali Museum and all had a great time with the interactive exhibits at Ali's "training camp." Everyone hit the big punching bag in the ring, shadow boxed with ALI and hit the little bag that hangs high. (Sorry Gary- I don't know what you call it.) It's a great museum. Gary had the most fun. As Snowdy says, Ali is "daddy's favorite puncher ever!"

Tonight I knew the vacation was really on when I heard myself say these words to Snowden,

No, what I want you to say is 'I'm sorry that I farted in your face!'

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