Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

I haven't quite recovered from the weekend yet. It started Friday, I worked at school then worked at the Wave and then went and chaperoned Spencer's youth group at church for their 30 hour famine until 5 am. Then we had a fun day with Grandpa Ric at the children's museum in Portsmouth. We bought a membership to all the museums around here (Grandpa Ric's Christmas gift to us) Children's, Nauticus, NASA Air and Space and the Living Museum in Newport News- I can't wait to use it this year! Later we all went out to dinner at NANA's and Spencer enjoyed eating the first meal after his fast. Sunday morning Spencer sang in the church choir for the first time (see the video of his first song, he's at the top left) and Snowden waved at him the entire time, trying to get him to wave back. Later that afternoon Katie and I were sitting on the couch when I gasped and said, "Oh NO!" I realized we were supposed to be at her Daisy "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" at the Girl Scout headquarters. We made it there with plenty of time to party.

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