Monday, May 4, 2009

The Best Day Ever

I had the best day ever! Ironically, my day started with one of my favorite Sponge Bob shows where he has the best day ever! (And I told Snowdy, "Oh! This is one of my favorites!")

It started when Richard Siff came to the class carrying two ham radios that his radio club is donating to the students who passed the FCC test and got their FCC Technician Class License. It was so heartwarming to see Maurice set up his own radio and make his first contact on air. Shaquita also spoke on the air. I was so proud of them and glad that we studied ham radio as long as we did in class this year. And it was awesome to be around Richard- what a nice thing he is doing for these kids. Everyone in the Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service has been so kind and has gone above and beyond the call of duty for us in the radio class.

Then later I got a call from a reporter at the Pilot who wants to do a piece on Mike and Tanner, my two students who won the state radio contest this year and are going (with me) to Kansas City at the end of June to participate in the national Skills USA radio contest.

What is going on here? I have never had quite such an obvious validation of the work I do teaching kids about radio every day. It was nice.

Then after school I went to the radio station and recorded tonight's show. I gave a shout out to Richard and the guys at "CARS." I also started the night on air by mentioning that I had just planted flowers with Katie's Daisy troop but forgot to tell them to listen!

That was so fun too. Katie's awesome troop (Daisy troop 4702) met at our church to plant flowers and get their badge for planting things. (The badge is probably called something better than that.)

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