Monday, May 4, 2009

Snowdy Turns 4

Snowdy turned four May 2nd. My baby boy is 4. We started the celebration the day before at his school. He had a wonderful time being the center of attention at his birthday circle (where he dropped the earth briefly on top of the candle. Miss Avign saved the world.) Then later we went to the radio station where he talked on the radio and accepted the happy birthday wishes of friends and family and 92(9) the Wave listeners who heard him on the air. He only broke one thing this year in the studio! Mommy said, "Don't worry!" and fixed it right away. Then the next morning (his birthday) we got soccer pictures taken at 8am, played a soccer game at 8:45am, and provided the snacks for the team. Snowdy had a couple of quick moments of bravado where he showed his muscles, and a few plays where he mustered all his energy to run run run, but mostly he wanted to sit with Mommy. Then we rested for a couple of hours until the big party at Birdees where all his friends came to play. He spent a lot of his time with Max, his buddy from Kids First last year. I managed to get all of them to stand for about 20 seconds in one place to have their picture taken and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. :) Later at home we opened his presents, Spencer put many of them together and we all played.

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