Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big day! After school today Katie and I went to see her dentist Dr. Smith to find out about her two loose front bottom teeth. We left there about 45 minutes later with two teeth in a box! We headed straight to the radio station after that where Katie regaled Hampton Roads with her version of the trip..."They yanked my tooth out." (Teeth, actually.) Then we came home and Katie showed everyone her new smile and teeth in the box (Daddy, Snowden, Neil and Carol.) She had fun. Luckily, just last night we read a book Mommy bought about a girl losing her first tooth. And the book came with a cute pink tin to put your tooth in for the tooth fairy to find. (YEA MOMMY! How about THAT timing, huh? Now if the tooth fairy can just remember to visit before falling asleep.)

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